We went to the elephant breading center in Chitwan national park but instead of going to see the elephants our guide told us there was a rhino. So we followed him into the jungle – it took about 1/2 hour to get there. We saw the rhino quite close up, across a lake. Then a few minutes later everyone was running about and our guide told us to climb up a tower to be safe. We did this, but the trapdoor at the top of the ladders was locked so we had to all squish up on the ladder with the kids highest then the mums and dads. The other people that were there couldn’t get on the ladder and the guides told them to stand in a huddle. What had happened, was that the rhino had come over to our side of the lake and onto the track towards us. The guides threw some sticks at it then it, to get it to walk away from the track. Then we walked out safely. It was really exciting and amazing to see a dad, mum and baby rhino. 😦

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